The Sole supplier Team’s favourite sneakers From 2020 – part 1

2020 has been an incredible year for sneaker releases therefore far, even with a worldwide pandemic quite much grinding the market to a halt! We’ve seen the overall revival of Nike Dunks, which are now one of the most prominent sneakers on the market, together with lots of high-heat Yeezys as well as Jordan releases!

Here at The Sole supplier we’re all avid footwear fanatics as I’m sure you can imagine, so we’ve taken the time out of our days to tell you about our favourite releases this year as well as precisely why we like them!

Image via stadium Goods
adidas Yeezy QNTM “Barium”
Adam Cheung – Head of news as well as Creative
What’s your shoe of the year as well as why do you like it?

My favourite shoe of the year so far has got to be the Yeezy QNTM “Barium”. I absolutely like the basketball-inspired silhouette however the very first release was a bit as well clean for my liking. The “Barium” on the other hand infused it with darker tones that work much much better with my fits.

From the neoprene ankle all the method to the chunky boost sole, it’s the perfect combination of type as well as function. I’d likewise like to add that the Foam RNNR is up there with my favourite LPUs this year. The very first of its kind, it’s partially made of algae as well as boasts an ultra breathable construction, resulting in what I personally believe is the future of footwear.

Did you handle to cop?

I didn’t police officer on release day however handled to grab a pair close to retail just a few days after.

Afbeelding via Nike
Travis Scott x Nike SB dunk Low
Emily Atkins – digital advertising as well as Paid Social Executive
What’s your shoe of the year as well as why do you like it?

For me it has to be the Travis Scott x Nike SB dunk Low. I like the utilize of different materials as well as the comfort of the Nike SB Dunk. Those integrated with a lace-swap into pink laces makes these absolutely pop! The method Nike has bridged the space between only skaters using Nike SB to the general population has been super impressive to me, plus I like all of Travis’ collaborative sneakers so these were an instant-cop for me.

Did you handle to cop?

Thankfully, yes! I got lucky with a raffle win on these, as well as if I hadn’t I most likely would’ve paid resell.

Image via Foot Locker
Nike Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Racer Blue
John Francis-Cabanus – Junior Videographer
What’s your shoe of the year as well as why do you like it?

My pair of the year would have to be the Jordan 1 High Zoom “Racer Blue”. I’m a big Jordan fan anyway as well as everybody understands exactly how great 1’s are, so when Nike incorporated Zoom innovation into this traditional silhouette it was an absolute must-cop for me. The colorway is likewise super clean as well as so simple to wear!

Did you handle to cop?

I got lucky as well as handled to pick a pair up, nevertheless I might only grab a size down from my usual Jordan size so unfortunately they’re as well little to wear. I’m still on the search for a pair in the correct size!

Image via One block Down
Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid “Milan”
Paige French – material writer
What’s your shoe of the year as well as why do you like it?

My favourite shoe of the year so far is the Air Jordan 1 Mid Milan. I’m a sucker for neutral tones as well as this was the very first pair of Jordans (ever!) that made me feel like it was non-negotiable for me to get my hands on them. I like this pair like, so, so much. They look premium, the materials as well as blend of structures is ultra-unique as well as the tanned hue is truly simple to wear.

Did you handle to cop?

I did handle to get my hands on the AJ1 Milan! I should have gone half a size up since they’re a bit tight, so I only wear them on special occasions. But, hey, I’d rather have tight Milans than none at all.

Image via yankeekicks
Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB dunk low “Chunky Dunky”
Pedrom Pourkashanian – Head of Acquisition
What’s your shoe of the year as well as why do you like it?

For me it’s the Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB “Chunky Dunky” – with it being such a random partnership between the brands, these things don’t come along as well frequently as well as when they do you’ve got to be quick to make the most of them as there may not be one more chance to cop. The advertising of the shoe was on point as well as the style leaves a great deal to be preferred however i believe this shoe will be looked back on as well as kept in mind as a having a huge impact, assisting bring the resurgence back for the SB dunk as well as hyping up a shoe to everybody not just sneakerheads.

Did you handle to cop?

Yes, I handled to get lucky in a raffle! I truly tried for this as well as went into almost every raffle going.

What was your favourite shoe of the year as well as did you handle to cop? Make sure to keep it locked right right here at The Sole supplier for all the latest news as well as updates in the foOtwear World, en houd de volgende aflevering van deze serie in de gaten!

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